Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas Cards 2011 ~ Very Few!

Each year I enjoy making and sending Christmas cards.  It's unfortunate, & due to the advances in technology, that more and more people don't send actual cards.  A holiday hello is most likely found in an e-mail or on Facebook.  Well, I like to actually receive a card in the mail and hold it in my hands!  I like to display it for all of my visitors to see!

This year I planned early by buying card-making supplies in Oct. or early November.  I work in retail and after decorating 4 or 5 trees for the store, I kind of got burnt out early on the festivities!  So there I sat at the beginning, then the middle, then the end of Dec. working on Christmas cards.  I didn't make many but I was able to send them out to family and a few friends (sorry if you didn't receive a card this year!).  Maybe next year will be different!