Saturday, November 3, 2012

Christmas Cards, First Batch!

I was inspired by some Washi tape and decided to started making Christmas cards today.  It's amazing how one element can get the creative juices flowing.  The reindeer tape at the bottom and the colorful tape at the top are part of K & Company's Christmas line.  LOVE them!  I had a scrap of decorative cardstock that looked like a flag and I decide to run with it.  That scrap inspired the main focal point on these cards!  Love the bling and candycane twine too!  Ok... I'm finally getting into the Christmas-craft spirit!
A version of the small, vertical card is available in my Etsy store in a 12-pack (perfect to add to a package or plate of goodies!).  Also... I will be including samples of  my cards with each purchase until I run out!  Start shoppin' and it's yours!


Snowflake Garland, Baby Blue

It's time for snow to fly in my neck of the woods so I thought it was time to create something to represent the season!  Here it is!  This snowflake garland was fun to make and I especially love the tassels on each end!  Each snowflake is double-sided so it can hang in a window and look great from either side.  Each snowflake is blue or a patterned blue paper embellished with Crystal Glass, glitter, and bling.  The tassels are adorned with silver sequins (wish I had a good picture of them, darn it!), and I was thrilled to see how it made them glimmer and pop!  For sale in my Etsy store if you're interested - I'll include a gift card too (part of my fun Christmas card collection!  Hope you'll check it out in my store.)