Sunday, May 31, 2009

10-Cards-In-10-Days Featured Etsy Artist

Oh that's right, Father's Day is approaching.... how about this great card from!? My featured artist for the 10-Card Challenge created an incredible card with wonderful colors for Dad's Day. Please check out her shop!

10-Cards-In-10-Days Challenge: New cards!

4x4x4 Daisy Cards = $4.00
Vellum envelopes included
My latest contribution to the 10-Card Challenge. I meant to post them last night but got home late from a birthday party (it was a beautiful night! Glad I went!). Hope to post another card tonight... when I get around to making another card...

Friday, May 29, 2009

10-Cards-In-10-Days Featured Etsy Artist

Check out these fun cupcake cards from CarasScrapNStamp! I'm really into the cupcake trend -- I haven't baked any but I'm addicted to the idea of them! I would love to bake some...

She's got a lot of great things in her Etsy shop, and she has a great blog too ( Take a minute to visit her shop!

10-Cards-In-10-Days Challenge: New card!
"Something Borrowed, Something Blue..."

Here's my latest creation for the 10-Day card challenge! I love working with the tulle and using it as a "ribbon" was especially fun! I hope you get a chance to visit my shop and the shops of artists I've featured over the last 5 days.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I think it's day 4 of the 10-day challenge... It has been a long week and I'm losing track of the days! Tomorrow's Friday, right?!

This card was inspired by my dogs, a lab and a golden retriever. The lab is suffering from some sort of nerve or bone degenerative problem and I needed a little pick me up. This card did it! I've got many pictures of him tearing up stuffed animals, and the floor is covered with white batting/stuffing. He loves it so I keep buying him used stuffed animals! Thank goodness he hasn't torn up a seat cushion!

10-Cards-In-10-Days Featured Etsy Artist

I've selected littlebbunny as my featured artist today. Love this simple card -- looks like a formal, wrapped gift. No envelop needed! Just give it as the gift with a gift card and don't worry about wrapping anything!

Please check out her shop during this 10-Day Challenge.

I'm a featured artist on AJ's Designs Blog!

As a member of the Etsy Greetings Group, I was given the opportunity to be featured on a blog by AJ's Designs. Well, I got the e-mail today indicating that my interview had been posted! Check it out: What an honor!

Please take a moment to check out Aletha's shops:

<---- One of her cards - beautiful!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

10-Cards-In-10-Days Challenge: New card!

Okay, I have to admit this was a tough day for creating and posting a new card for the 10 day challenge! It's WAY past my bedtime and here I am photographing and posting my card! Hopefully tomorrow will be easier...

10-Cards-In-10-Days Featured Etsy Artist

Jemily is my choice for a featured Etsy artist. Love the simplicity of this card! And the colors are refreshing. Please check out her Etsy shop during this 10-day challenge!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

10-Cards-In-10-Days Challenge: New cards!

For my 10 card challenge, I decided to feature a 2-pack of coffee cards. I had originally listed this as a 3-pack but someone wanted 1 of them so I gave 'em what they wanted! These 2 cards are great as a gift or to leave on a co-workers desk just to say thanks.

I hope you'll take the time to visit my shop. Look forward to more cards from me and the other artists!

10-Cards-In-10-Days Featured Etsy Artist

Another wonderful artist! Terrbear37 is part of the 10 day card challenge I have been blogging about for the last couple of days. Isn't this a fun card!? Owls are IN this year!

10-Cards-In-10-Days Featured Etsy Artist

Pinkycreations on

Check out this precious card from featured Etsy seller! I wish I had a little girl to give it to! Pinkycreations is participating in the 10-Cards-In-10-Days Challenge on Etsy. Do some shopping with her! Love her stuff!

Monday, May 25, 2009

10-Cards-In-10-Days Featured Etsy Artist

As part of the 10-Cards-In-10-Days challenge with other Etsy cardmakers, I have decided to feature each shop that's participating. Today I'm featuring Isabella Flora's shop. I especially love this shop because the artist uses such beautiful colors in her watercolor cards and her photos show so much detail. The beautiful watercolor card, shown above, is one of my favorites. Please visit her at

Etsy 10-Cards-In-10-Days Challenge

Starting today, May 25th, I'm part of a challenge to post 1 new card per day for 10 days in my Etsy shop. I need the motivation! Believe it or not, the stress of having to produce 1 card per day increases my level of creativity! Love that!

I'm participating in this challenge with the following shops, please visit them and pick out a card:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Giveaway Items for Little B Bunny

Once again, thanks to everyone
who participated in my giveaway!
Here are the items that Little B Bunny won!
2 greeting cards with matching gift cards.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Congrat Little B Bunny! You won the giveaway!!!

Congratulations Little B Bunny! You won the card giveaway! I will send your cards soon! Thank you for commenting on my blog!

I encourage everyone to check out her etsy shop,, and her blog,

Check out one of her birthday cards (see below)! Charming!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Etsy Greetings Members Giveaway!

Etsy Greetings Members Only... Thank you for visiting my blog and entering to win a surprise giveaway! You will win 2 of my latest card creations (they haven't even hit my shop yet) and a few surprises! Please leave a comment below with your etsy shop address or e-mail, and you may become the winner!

I will take comments until midnight on May 17th and will announce the winner on the 18th! I look forward to spoiling someone!

Monday, May 11, 2009

More Wedding Cards

'Tis the season for weddings! Here are a few of my latest creations: 5x7 wedding cards. They come with a free gift tag too! TIP: When wrapping your wedding gift, include the card IN the package. Tie the gift tag to the bow. Cards are always getting lost and shuffled at weddings. If your card's in the package, it won't get lost!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Check out this giveaway!

Giveaways are great but this one is ESPECIALLY GREAT! It's a beautiful "Follow Your Heart" necklace from Cinnamon & Honey's blog. Yummy!

Use the link below to enter the Cinnamon & Honey giveaway.