Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fun with new stamps - Birthday Card!

Okay, so if you saw my last post you know my sister's birthday is coming up soon.  So, I had to make a card!  It started with a collection of stamps that I bought from "Stamps of Life" (THANKS Stephanie!).  They are so much fun!!!  So the card started with this photo of horse tack (my sis loves "country" anything):
Thanks for taking this photo Teresa!

I used PINK woodgrain paper on the inside and stamped a "Stamps of Life" calendar to decorate the inside (along with some other fun items!):
I even added a fun quote from The Beatles (Dang, I spelled it wrong!  Too late now!)

And I had to decorate the envelope (one of my faves!)! I used a "Stamps of Life" birthday circle stamp and added some bling and adhesive ribbon!  Yippy!  Time to deliver it!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Halloween Cupcake Toppers!

My sister's birthday is at the end of October so.... in addition to her b'day gift, I'm giving her something fun for Halloween!  I made some Halloween toothpicks for her to insert in her cupcakes!  So fun to make!  One dozen.  Plus, I'm sending her some "batty" cupcake wrappers from a local craft store.  She will have a great time putting everything together.  I'll have to ask her send a few pictures of the completed project!