Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope that you celebrated in style and had a safe holiday! I'm not much of a partier so I treated it like any other night -- went to bed by 10:30pm. I know, so exciting...

Any New Year's resolutions? I always make the same ones year after year, with a few new ones added in once in awhile. Typically my top goal is to get in the best physically shape of my life. Well, it's still a goal and especially important to me this year. I'm officially in the worst shape of my life AND in November I found out that my cholesterol is elevated. Cholesterol levels are a good motivator for me!

I'm also working with a life coach nowadays. She has been instrumental is opening my eyes in helping me think broader and with a different perspective. With her help, I hope to keep my New Year's resolution of great physical health but also to improve in many other areas of my life. If you don't know what life coaching is, I strongly recommend that you research it online. It isn't counseling (been there, done that). It's a way to move forward FROM TODAY. Yes, you refer to your past now and then, but it's most important to deal with the here and now. I'm thoroughly enjoying it and looking forward to what my future holds!

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