Saturday, February 21, 2009

I finally started my DIY project

Okay, so I had hoped to get myself motivated to finish my DIY project. I had also hoped to enter it in the contest. The deadline is on Monday and I just started working on my project yesterday. Go figure. I thought I was making strides in overcoming my procrastination. Apparently not.

Yesterday I was reading the and was once again motivated to start and finish my project. I wrote down some goals and got started. I bought fabric and foam for the bench cushion. I sanded the bench/table and got some much needed advice from my neighbors: don't stain it. Good, it takes less time to lightly sand then prime and paint! Today I'm going to fix the drawer (falling apart!) and the leg (wobbly). I'm going to cut the legs off so that it's short enough to be a bench. I'm also going to prime it. I hope to make the cushion today too -- my favorite part!
As you can see from the pictures, I got most of the old paint off of the table. The last two pictures show the original condition. Pretty sad looking but not for long!
I'm off to the hardware store to get tack cloth, paint, and "feet" for under the legs so the bench can be easily moved around. Wish me luck!

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