Sunday, June 7, 2009

Craft Room Before Photos... BRACE YOURSELF

Closet-O-Crafts, Computer Station, Ironing Area, Craft Table

Alrighty... this is so embarrassing. BUT it's good for me too. I have been packing way too much into this room for too long and it's time to thin it out! You must wonder how I get anything done in here. Right? Well, I don't mind the clutter because I'm the type of person who likes to SEE EVERYTHING. Yes, very visual. Well, I've learned some tricks along the way that I'll apply to this room within the next 4 weeks (doesn't sound like much time, does it?). Wish me luck. Oh and by the way, thanks Molly. I needed the push.

Check out Molly's progress on her craft room makeover:


  1. Your so brave! I couldn't bring myself to post an actual photo of my disaster area.

    Good luck! We both need it.

  2. Good luck! If you have any particular problem areas you want to brainstorm about, let me know! Thanks for the link back to my own blog. Oh, and Jessica posted her own craft area disaster story on her blog:

  3. I have been following this, i should be taking part too, but already doing to much muti tasking. My space is very scary at the moment! It is great to see you guys working on it.

  4. If I only showed you my own pictures! At least your work space seems to be an entire room! My actual office space is so limited that not only do I have something like your room - except confined to one cubicle-style desk and the immediate parameters - but I pull everything out and have some things in multiple rooms.

    I really should join you guys, but I think I'm just going to do some quick cleaning and not work on reorganization, right now. I really wish I could use a whole room like this, though.

  5. Okay I feel a bit better but not much. We've got a lot of work to do. My daughter is away this weekend so I'm going to try to move some furniture tomorrow. Then I have a show Sunday so I can't do anything else.