Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Craft Room Makeover

I was so proud of myself for finding these 12 x 12 storage bins on sale! I just happened to wander into Michael's Craft Store and bingo, there they were! I like the idea of storing current projects in them instead of leaving everything out on my desk. Kind of like in my early school days when we had to keep everything in our pencil box or desk. =0)
I got some good ideas from Molly when I read her comments on one of my recent posts. We are similar in that we don't keep things neat and tidy all of the time. Finding ways to get things off our desks and organized is a must!


  1. Yes, I totally agree! Here's my latest desktop photo: http://mollyleecards.blogspot.com/2009/06/let-there-be-light.html

    Still clean, so I have hopes that I've hit on a system that I'll be able to maintain!

  2. I love these! Right now I have one basket that is housing in-progress projects, but something like this would probably be better. Hope they work for you. See my updates here:

  3. Hooray for you and the other EtsyGreetings gals for sprucing up your craft spaces!